CANAPE workshop slides

Slides and examples from our CANAPE workshop at BSides Munich 2018.

In April 2018, we provided our free CANAPE workshop for the first time at the BSides Munich conference. CANAPE is a tool that allows you to analyze binary protocols which are still very common today. CANAPE is unique by taking the well known web application testing paradigm and applying it to abitrary network protocols.

This hands-on workshop is based on the original workshop material by James Foreshaw (the author of CANAPE). and includes a complete walk-through through the most important CANAPE features. The slides are very detailed as we tried to create some kind of “missing manual” for this awesome tool.

Screenshot of the CANAPE tool running under Windows

You can find the slides, SuperFunkyChat (the chat program that was analyzed during the workshop) and different saved states on our Github page.

Thanks to Adam Sherez on Unsplash for the title picture.