General security consulting

Technical support in all questions concerning your organization's IT security

Finding the right answers to questions regarding complex technical security issues and actual threats can be challenging, especially, if your organization lacks the necessary experience or knowledge in the fast-changing field of IT security. We are a small team of security experts whom you can forward your questions to or ask for support.

What we do to help your organization thrive:

  • Provide general support in case of ad-hoc technical questions concerning your IT security
  • Inspect and enforce hardening standards in heterogeneous environments
  • Customize and optimize scheduled vulnerability scans
  • Develop custom-made security tools to provide proof of concept
  • Develop custom-made exploits for existing vulnerabilities in your organization’s network to demonstrate the feasibility of exploitation and the potential impact on business
  • Integrate automated security tests in your organization’s development and deployment processes
  • Improve your organization’s existing SIEM solutions
  • Provide security workshops and training for your employees