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| 12 min read

Look Mama, no TemplatesImpl

Exploiting deserialization vulnerabilities in Java 17 and beyond, using JDBC connections

deserialization Java JDBC Connection pools

| 8 min read

Vulnerability notes: Log4Shell

Everything you should know about the Log4Shell vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228)

Java JNDI deserialization CVE-2021-44228 Penetration test

| 13 min read

Vulnerability digging with CodeQL

Using CodeQL based variant analysis to find vulnerabilties


| 14 min read

An Trinhs RMI Registry Bypass

A closer look at the RMI Registry whitelist bypass gadget from An Trinhs Blackhat Europe 2019 presentation

Java RMI deserialization Gadgets Penetration-test

| 17 min read

Attacking RMI based JMX services

An attack primer on how to hack into RMI based JMX services

Java RMI JMX deserialization Penetration test

| 24 min read

Attacking Java RMI services after JEP 290

An attack primer on how to attack Java RMI services using Java deserialization

Java RMI deserialization bsides Penetration test

| 3 min read


Merge jar files to simplify remote debugging of closed source java applications

Java Offensive Debugging