General security consulting

support for technical security questions

Finding the right answers for technical security issues and actual threats can be challenging, especially for people that don’t have the necessary experience/knowledge in this fast-changing field. We are a small team of security experts that you can forward your questions or ask for advice.

For example, we help our clients with:

  • General support for all kinds of technical IT security related questions.
  • Developing and enforcing hardening standards in heterogenous environments.
  • Customization and optimization of scheduled vulnerability scans.
  • Exploit development for existing vulnerabilities, to demonstrate that a vulnerability can be activley exploited in the customer network.
  • Integration of automated security tests in the development/deployment process.
  • Improving existing SIEM solutions.
  • Developing custom security tools and Proof of Concepts.
  • Setting up bug bounty programs.
  • Security workshops and trainings.